Fluid Movement

Move with stability and ease.

Stretch the muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce pain.

Ever heard the saying “use it or lose it?” The purpose of this class is to get you to a place of moving with ease and to keep you active and mostly pain-free.

There are three areas of focus to accomplish this:


Breathing to expand oxygen intake and as a way of feeling the body


Hydrating the connective tissue


Stretching and strengthening muscles

Multiple challenges may be working against you in terms of breathing deeply. Things such as poor posture, restrictive clothing, bad habits such as smoking, diets that lead to high blood pressure and racing hearts, increasingly rapid and emotionally stressful lives, lack of exercise, multitasking, polluted environments, and slouching in front of computers or TV adds up to a lifestyle that’s incongruent with proper breathing. Modern life causes the average person to use about a third of his natural lung capacity, while drawing about 15 breaths a minute (thus asking the heart to work harder).

Additionally, when you are in pain, physical or otherwise, there is a natural tendency to hold the breath so as to not feel the bodily sensations or arising emotions. Humans organically wish to move away from pain and it may seem counter-intuitive to bring attention to a spot in the body that hurts. However, it is the very act of attention and care that brings the nurturing necessary to heal.


Connective tissue is a web-like matrix that holds your body together. Think of it as a meshing that supports, connects or separates the different tissues and organs your body. When it is poorly hydrated, it’s like shrink wrap that tightens up tugging on muscles and bones. When it is fluid, it opens up allowing great ease of movement so that muscles can actually stretch and bones can be in proper alignment. A key element of this class is to help you hydrate your connective tissue. To do this, we use tools such as a super soft memory foam roller and a Slo-Mo ball.

Interestingly, once the breath begins oxygenating and moving the blood throughout the body and the connective tissue opens up to receive hydration, stretching and strengthening muscles becomes much more effortless and enjoyable! Hard, tight muscles that are painful to stretch respond more willingly to this approach as do sleepy muscles that have been offline for an extended time.

This class is for you if you:

• feel especially tight and creaky
• are looking for a re-entry into an exercise program
• are recovering from a surgery or an injury

You will need to be able to get up a flight of stairs to the studio and get up and down off the floor. (not fast, not gracefully…just able!)

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