Embodied Presence Program

Be your own best ally from one moment to the next.

Life can flow without giving it a second thought.
This is called Embodiment. You can have the life you want.

Living in a joyful way, deeply connected to yourself and others, is possible. You can experience a loving and kind relationship with yourself. You can enjoy revitalized health, more loving relationships, an improved work environment, a more satisfying home life, and more. You can even get clear – really, truly, deeply clear – about your preferences, needs, and desires.

Reach an Inner Alignment. Trust in your ability to stand for what is right for you. Be a healing presence in your world.

Imagine your life when you can:

  • Connect with others in a meaningful way
  • Feel greater compassion for yourself
  • Bring stronger leadership to the workplace
  • Move through life changes with courage and resilience
  • Release perfectionism by deeply accepting that it is okay to make mistakes
  • Stop looking to others for approval
  • Start feeling genuine joy (without wondering how long it will last)

Yes, you can. Really.

I bring a variety of tools to our work together. I offer them in components.
And together, they make up my Embodied Presence Program.

Sonya Nelson

Sonya Nelson

Embodied Presence Program
Creator and Facilitator

“I lead you to clarity so your choices are clear, your next step is obvious, and your life flows with ease in the direction that is perfect for you.”

Do you struggle to make decisions?
Values lead the way!

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Work with Sonya Nelson

Embodied Presence Program

This program blends all the services I offer: energy work, private sessions, group support, and physical practice. The unique holistic program I have developed creates transformation that is “embodied.” That means the work sticks with you and the results become a part of you!

Brennan Healing Science

Clear the blocks that are dimming your soul. As a Brennan Integrated Practitioner, I guide you to “begin within” and create lasting health through energy healing. Our sessions combine hands-on healing with individualized spiritual and psychological process work to benefit every area of your life.

MELT Method

Connect the intelligence of your brain with the wisdom of your body. To truly integrate your emotional and intellectual growth, you want to root it in your body. Our MELT Method sessions teach you to discover your Body Sense – allowing you to feel the sensations of your body and thereby creating a safe haven in which to live.

The Daring Way™

Claim the space in your heart and mind to live life on your own terms. Join me and other seekers like yourself for the Daring Greatly™ and Rising Strong™ courses based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Through these deeply meaningful and interactive group workshop series you will learn to live courageously, transforming how you work, love, parent, and lead.

See what clients are saying…

“Sonya is the real deal in my mind. I feel collaborated with and empowered to continue my own healing work. Love is in the air whenever I’m around her.”

~ Cindy

“I find energy healing valuable when I am out of alignment in my relationships. Or my body tells me that something isn’t right. I always notice improvements, some subtle and some dramatic, after our sessions.”

~ Jill

“I have ALS so MELT has helped my overall being. I sleep better when I MELT, my balance is better, and my overall general feelings are better.”

~ Suzanne

“When I began regularly practicing MELT with Sonya, I was amazed at how I began to experience my body. I will be a lifelong MELTer because of its no-impact format and its focus on felt body sense.”

~ Mary

“The Becoming an Emotion Scientist class helped me recognize and identify which emotional “zone” I was in so I could more skillfully name specific emotions within a zone. Now I can pause and respond to myself and others (rather than reacting!).”

~ Emma

“I was able to immediately apply so many of the Rising Strong™ teachings into my daily life which helped me overcome many of the challenges I was facing.”

~ Laurie

“Sonya’s energy work support my overall healthy balance of being from both an physical and emotional perspective. It provides harmony to my whole self.”

~ Clara

“By learning the Rising Strong™ process, I discovered what my values are and what it means to embody them. I learned how to forgive, trust myself and others, and take ownership of my own story.”

~ Jon

“Sonya holds space for a person to be whole and good regardless of their struggles.”

~ Doni