About Sonya

Energy Healer, The Daring Way™ Facilitator, Forrest Yoga Instructor.

The word energy has long held great fascination for me. Following that curiosity has led me to some pretty interesting places.

My own healing journey began by cleaning up the negative and painful commentary that was incessantly howling in my mind.  Through a series of twists and turns, I crossed paths with the Science of Mind philosophy of Ernest Holmes.  By studying this philosophy, I specifically learned two things:

– The words I choose to communicate with myself are the starting point to what I experience in my life.

– Not only is it possible, but it is necessary, to expand the gap that lies between one thought and the next if I am to enjoy peace of mind.

The old saying “you’ve come a long way, baby” certainly applies to my life. It was a given that my back would hurt each day; it was simply a matter of degree of pain. I had headaches most days and I ate ibuprofen like they were candy. The people in my life were basically scared of me and why wouldn’t they be? They were never quite sure of what would set me off. Honestly, I didn’t know. I hurt a lot – inside and out. I was hard around the edges. I dare not let anyone see how fraudulent my facade was. I micromanaged everything on the outside because on the inside everything felt completely out of control.


As the cruelty in my head transformed into loving thoughts of acceptance for myself, I began to feel in my physical body the effects of all the years of self-mutilating thoughts.  In retrospect, I believe the pain had been there long before I began to feel it but I had gotten accustomed to ignoring it or numbing it out.  Now, however, I felt my body and it hurt!  I went in search of relief, which eventually led me to yoga and then specifically to Forrest Yoga.   The relief was so noticeable that I felt an impulse to dive deeply into how this modality could heal my body, and I became an instructor under the tutelage of Ana Forrest.

As I studied Science of Mind and started practicing yoga, my curiosity about the word energy grew into a curiosity about what energy is, how it moves and transforms, and how it can be used to heal myself and others.  These inquiries led me to the personal transformation of a lifetime at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing where I learned the skills of interacting with the Human Energy Field for the purpose of energy healing.

At this point, my physical body, my relationships and my approach to living fully had greatly improved! My need to hide my feelings was replaced with a longing to explore the full range of emotions available to me. My need to do this work for the purpose of healing myself turned into an impulse to walk with others as they navigated their way through unknown territories.


My greatest “super power” is my ability to look past another person’s struggle to see the potential for what is possible for them and the truth of who they are (unique, unrepeatable gifts to the world).

No matter how diligently someone tries to convince me of their badness-wrongness-unworthiness-unlovability, I refuse to buy in. We are always at choice and I choose the highest, most life-enhancing option for folks. And for you.

Especially for you.

I enrolled in the advanced studies work at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing while I simultaneously trained to be a certified Daring Way™ facilitator with Brené Brown’s organization. These puzzle pieces gave me the skill set to live all of this work in an embodied way every day of my life. Because of the advanced studies with BBSH, I have access to my full range of emotions and my personal power. The Daring Way™ training and subsequent personal growth work has given me the courage and enthusiasm to offer my unique gifts to the world unapologetically. I am here to serve.

Mind, body, spirit, service.  This was the order in which I approached my healing so I might live life in brilliant, living color!  As it turns out, all those years I spent putting a cap on the passionate and intense feelings that were churning around inside of me were simply years of denying my life force and the essence of who I am.

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