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How it happened for me…how it’s happening for you…

How it Happened for Me

I just didn’t know.

I didn’t know how to take care of myself physically because – it turned out – I was numb to my body. I lived, as a student of mine says, a short distance from it.

I didn’t know that the non-stop barrage of incessant, howling negative thoughts of my mind could be silenced.

I didn’t know emotions were important. Truthfully, I didn’t really know that they were a thing. The extent of my emotion vocabulary was happy, sad and pissed off.

The pain grew. My body ramped up the intensity until it could no longer be ignored. The mental anguish was more than I could bear. My ability to manage the internal cauldron of emotions became overwhelming.

I got to choose: find a different way or continue in my misery.

And some part of me did know. Deep, deep within was the wisest part of me that beckoned, urged, begged, and finally insisted that I summon a willingness to change.

Prompted by the major loss of a loved one, I answered the call to heal. I packed the very little bit of willingness I had mustered, and I set off.

And the Universe responded. Teachers and resources came into my experience. My willingness grew. I learned new ways of being. I healed the relationship to my Self – physically, mentally, emotionally.

The internal changes reconfigured my external world. For decades, I thought that controlling the external world would calm the internal. Man, I certainly had that backwards.

And thank goodness it works that way because the only person with whom I have complete sovereignty over is me!

Sonya is the real deal in my mind. She does her own work, is truly connected to the Source, is a great listener and observer, and is very caring and empathetic. I feel the energy she gathers and channels and I feel collaborated with and empowered to continue my own healing work. Love is in the air whenever I’m around her.

– Cindy

How it’s Happening for You

Maybe you think you don’t know.

Maybe it all seems like too much. You struggle with how your physical appearance doesn’t match how you used to be or how you want to be. The little aches and pains are becoming more noticeable and harder to overcome.

The nonstop chatter in your head causes anxiety as you attempt to keep it all together. Without reliable tools to cope, you turn to numbing. The glass, or bottle, of wine to take the edge off a hard day. The comfort of food to soothe you.

Maybe it’s the enormity of the emotions swirling around inside of you that feel as though they will swallow you whole. You’re consistently mad especially when it seems – no matter how hard you try – you cannot get the people in your life to hear your needs or understand where you’re coming from. Or worse, maybe it’s the hollowness born of emotional loneliness that is more than you can bear.

Is there a part of you deep inside that now beckons, urges, begs and insists that you summon your willingness to change?

Just as it was for me, this place in you that grows louder is the wisest part of you. Will you answer the call?

Begin Within

Long-lasting change is an inside job. The outcome you seek will not occur in your attempts to manage others or “rearrange the furniture on the Titanic,” so to speak.

It’s scary to set off on this course. It’s scarier still to go it alone. If you’re reading this, you likely have the tiniest bit of willingness. A mountain of misery and a mustard seed of willingness.

It is my solid belief that transformation begins by cultivating a relationship with your Self. Just as you would be open and curious if you were becoming friends with a new person in your life, I guide you to become your own greatest ally instead of your own greatest enemy.

Befriending your Self paves the way for creating genuine, meaningful relationships with the people that matter in your life. The degree to which you can accept and love your Self is the degree to which you can accept and love others. You need not seek acceptance and love from others to make you enough. You need only learn how to access the acceptance and love that is buried deep within to make you whole.

I stand at the ready to be your guide, your committed listener, your way-shower.

You will be the one to travel the inner terrain of your being. You will be the one to choose a different way. You will be the one to create a life of trust, acceptance, and love for your Self, for others, and for the world around you.

Together, one day, we will remember where you started and marvel at the new, vibrant life you now live.

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