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Here’s what clients are saying about the Embodied Presence Program.

For decades, I’ve been trying to “fix” myself. What I have discovered through the Embodied Presence Program is that we are not fixers; we are finders. And what I find, if it belongs to me, I may choose to keep or discard. And what a wonderful word that is. Choose.  This realization has been a huge shift for me.


When Sonya sent out an email announcing the kick-off of her Embodied Presence Program, it took me about 5 seconds to say “Count me in!” If Sonya had created it and was leading it, I knew it would include interesting and inspiring content and that it would be thoughtfully organized.  

Having now completed Year 1, I can say the material exceeded my expectations and the group itself was truly the cherry on top of this delicious experience.  So good, in fact, I eagerly anticipate Year 2 and the continuation of learning and growing with the magnificent group of women that are my allies.


The Embodied Presence Program experience allowed me to form much deeper relationships with my classmates than a regular class. It’s an intimate dive into inner realms best explored with true-hearted companions. All of us were on individual journeys, not led to the same conclusions – or even through the same way-stations – yet we held space for one another’s evolution. I’m not the same “me” coming out that I was going in. Looking forward to seeing what’s around the bend in Year Two. 


My experience with the Embodied Presence Program has been one of deep inner reflection; recognition of areas needing healing; and the release of some long held old beliefs, fears, behaviors that keep me from a full and satisfying life.  I feel I have “grown up,” so to speak, and become a healthier functioning adult.  I’m more willing to take the risk of being vulnerable and true to myself.


The magic of group work has been felt deep within me. Being with the women of our group has allowed me to become more grounded, more loving of self, and more accepting. Coming together with them has supported me to take those deep inhales and exhales of discovery and curiosity so I may internalize greater self-love, compassion and understanding. The awareness of both my body and my emotions have increased tremendously. I am ME!

I thoroughly enjoyed the multi-dimensional approach of the program. The combination of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic aspects of being an Embodied Presence spoke to me daily. I am excited to continue the deep work of radical self-love… beginning within. I am continuing my journey as a Year 2 participant of the Embodied Presence Program to discover more of what lies ahead in the connection between my Self and my relationships with Others.


Here’s what clients are saying about Brennan Healing Science.

Sonya is the real deal in my mind. She does her own work, is truly connected to the Source, is a great listener and observer, and is very caring and empathetic. I feel the energy she gathers and channels and I feel collaborated with and empowered to continue my own healing work. Love is in the air whenever I’m around her.


Sonya’s energy work supports my overall healthy balance of being: both from a physical and an emotional perspective. It provides harmony to my whole self. Sonya is not only a Barbara Brennan certified energy healer but also has many other related certifications that provide her a solid knowledge and ability to empathically understand human suffering, behaviors, and expectations. She is very down to earth but open minded at the same time, which creates a very special bond with her clients making us feel understood, cared for and protected.


There are times in my life when my emotional stress gets jammed up. There’s too much for me to work through alone. My unhappiness and distress bleeds into all the parts of my life – work, relationships, and health – both mentally and physically. My thoughts get tangled and I can’t find my way out on my own. I’ve turned to Sonya because of her commitment to emotional and embodied health as well as her full education and experience in energy healing.

Sonya holds space for a person to be whole and good regardless of their struggles. Her listening style is both compassionate and quiet, essentially knowing when to just listen. These qualities are of particular importance to me because in my distressed mind I do not think I should feel the way I feel, and I definitely should not show my feelings!  Sonya asks questions that reflect my words back to me and offer me ways to consider my emotions differently. Inevitably, this interactive volley back and forth between us helps me untangle the knotted, bound thoughts and emotions inside of me. I always leave feeling lighter and optimistic! 


I find energy healing valuable when I am out of alignment in my relationships. Or when I am out of alignment with my inner voice. Or my body tells me that something isn’t right– there’s pain, or other signals of dis-ease. Sonya always puts me at ease and asks questions that help maximize the energy work she will undertake. I always notice improvements, some subtle and some dramatic, after our healing sessions.


Here’s what clients are saying about the MELT Method.

I have ALS so MELT has helped my overall being. I sleep better when I MELT, my balance is better, and my overall general feelings are better. I enjoy Sonya’s teaching style because it is honest and forthcoming.


After 20+ years of teaching & practicing yoga, I began looking for bodywork that would gently address the “issues in my tissues.” When I began regularly practicing MELT with Sonya, I was amazed at how my body sense changed—even after years of various yoga and mindfulness modalities. Becoming aware of places I had been compensating, holding on, and you name it, MELT began to support me in a way no other work could. I will be a lifelong MELTer because of its no-impact format and its focus on felt body sense. Thank you, Sonya! 


Here’s what clients are saying about the Rising Strong™ class.

Within the small group environment of Rising Strong™, I learned more about myself and my classmates. Through the discovery of who these new allies were and the lived experiences they have had, I learned more about who I am. The intimacy of the class gave me permission to be vulnerable and explore myself more fully so I could create change in my life with grace and strength.

I was able to immediately apply so many of these teachings into my daily life, which helped me overcome many of the challenges I was facing. Sonya creates a safe place to navigate these challenges and helped me find the opportunities and the meaning in those challenges. I am so very thankful for Sonya and my Rising Strong™ classmates! My life is indeed a better and happier on, in large part due to the class.


I had read Rising Strong™ on my own but Sonya’s guidance through the material gave me ways to practice the lessons I had learned. Through the process I learned what my values are and what it means to embody them. I learned how to forgive, how to trust myself and others, and how to take ownership of my own story.  These lessons empower my daily life by giving me a deeper understanding of myself – and this translates into more confident living and enriches my relationships with others.  


Here’s what clients are saying about the Becoming an Emotion Scientist class.

Everyone needs some Sonya in their life!  She is knowledgeable and confident about the subjects she teaches which allows her to be compassionate, gentle and supportive whilst getting to the absolute heart of the matter. Sonya has a gift for bringing people together and nurturing a community that creates a safe container for feeling and being able to express our inner whispers with a voice that has been yearning to be heard.  Within the container of the Being an Emotion Scientist group, we honestly explored our emotions and learned to listen to each other talk with curiosity and love rather than judgment and criticism.  

The Becoming an Emotion Scientist class helped me recognize and identify which emotional “zone” I was in so I could more skillfully name specific emotions within a zone. Now I can pause and respond to myself and others (rather than reacting!) which creates greater possibilities for integrity of communication with my loved ones and radiates out through all my interactions in life. Thank you, Sonya, for holding space with love, joy and integrity!


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