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This group meets monthly to hear about the “energetics” of the month. What is happening that captures the interest of our collective experience as a society? How do holidays or the changing of the seasons impact your individual experience of life?

I give a talk answering these questions and offering guidance on how to connect to yourself and others as life ebbs and flows for us. I also lead a Visioning meditation to help you “catch the wave” of how life wishes to express through you with your unique perspectives and gifts.

Visioning was created by Michael Beckwith and differs significantly from envisioning what your imagination can dream up for you. Visioning is designed to allow you to connect to your intuition, your inner knowing and link up with it.

Between learning about the energetics of the month and Visioning for your personal connection to yourself, you are tapped in and can set intentions for the month.

An intention is a directed impulse whereby you purposefully decide how you want something to feel. Setting an intention is a way to bring your heart and mind into alignment. Intentions are a wonderful way to help you stay grounded and reconnect with what matters most.

“Our intention creates our reality.” – Wayne Dyer
Co-Creators Club

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Co-Creators Club

Focusing your mind on a specific intention during a meditation brings it to your focused mind, your thoughts, your heart and most importantly, to the felt sense of your body. This, in turn, assists in bringing it into your reality.

A goal is about achieving only a specific outcome; an intention is about setting a specific mindset or feeling. A goal has an expectation or evaluation (tangible “boost sales by 25%” or “get a promotion”) attached to them; intentions come from your heart and align you with something (and the resulting felt sensation) you want in your life. A goal has you hustling to get to an “end;” intentions focus on how you’re feeling throughout the process.

Join me and the Co-Creators Club for this dynamic, interactive process!

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