Emergent Relating

Embodiment is key

Emergent Relating is a somatic-based class. Coming from the Greek word somatikos, soma means body. Somatic is relating to the body.  This class has a variety of exercises designed to show you how to “land” in your body and locate your center. Because we live on a physical planet, we need to inhabit the physical body. Due to trauma and physical pain, living in the body is sometimes, understandably, challenging for people.  Personally, I could only heal once I came into relationship with my body rather than trying to disassociate from or ignore it.

Emergent Relating is an energetics education class. We begin with the experience of connecting to your inner Self so that you can begin to sense your individual energy field. The energy field is where vast information is held. However, we’ve been conditioned to ignore what we pick up on.  We disregard the sensations and believe they are not to be trusted because they aren’t real. Some part of you knows that they are real but what do you do with that? It is possible to learn how to perceive the information in your field as well as how to extract the essential meaning from what you perceive.

The ability to attune to Others rests upon the foundation of your somatic experience and sensing your own field.  And I’m not gonna lie ~ this is where blissful magic happens!  The magic is in having rich, meaningful relationships ~ with ourselves, the people we care for, and the all who share this planet with us. Looking back, I never thought I’d get to a place where I could have truly authentic relationships. I’m glad I took the risks to get to this place.

While the “long game” intention of this group is to relate to Others from an embodied state of presence, the “short game” intention is to master attuning to your inner world.  It is one thing to attune to oneself in meditation or when alone.  It is a very different matter to maintain that inner connectivity while being in relationship with the outer world (situations, people, environments).

If you long for more connection, join me as we allow for an Emergent Relating to our inner and outer worlds.

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” Thomas Merton

Co-Creators Club

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Co-Creators Club

If you’d like to begin your journey to Embodied Presence with this deep work, here is the basic info about the class:

  • We meet twice a month online for 90 minutes.
  • The first session is held on a weekday. You can choose either a daytime group or an evening group.
  • The second session is held on a weekend.
  • This is a four-month commitment for the months of March, April, May, and June.
  • The investment is $600 which can be paid in monthly installments of $150.
  • There is one book that will be referred to in the class, so it is recommended reading.
  • There will be some “equipment” needed in the way of therapy balls, yoga mats, etc.  There is no strenuous exercise.  We will use these tools to help sense ourselves.

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