Embodied Presence Program

Life can flow without giving it a second thought. This is called Embodiment.

There comes a time when you realize that you – and only you – have the final say in your life. Not your partner, not your kids, not your boss, not your parents. YOU. You may be your own best ally.

Imagine what it might feel like to have compassion for yourself. Imagine how you might feel when you treat yourself kindly. Imagine what might show up when you crank up the creative process and “step into the arena,” as we say in the Brené Brown work I lead, instead of sitting on the sidelines.

The Embodied Presence Program empowers you to step into and to respond to all that Life is asking of you.

In short: your life can flow without giving it a second thought.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect in the Embodied Presence Program:
  • Carry yourself with more confidence
  • Show yourself the compassion and forgiveness that you are so good at giving to others
  • Figure out what you want in life – what YOU want!
  • Identify goals that will fulfill those desires
  • Create compassionate boundaries for yourself
  • Address important concerns, rather than just shutting down or ignoring them
  • Stop feeling stuck
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About Embodied Presence Program
The Embodied Presence Program blends all the services I offer: energy work, private sessions, group support, and physical practice. The unique holistic program I have developed creates transformation that is “embodied.” That means the work sticks with you and the results become a part of you!

Here is what we do in the Embodied Presence Program. I say “we,” because I accompany you every step of the way through your transformation.

Discover Your Sense of Self
You will repair the breakdown of communication between your body, heart, and mind.

We live in a physical world. You must be in touch with your body and hear what it is saying to you. You do this by paying attention to your body. Every week, you will attend at least one of my “somatic” offerings. This may be yoga or fluid movement. I craft these classes specifically to support communication with your body.

Empower Your Self with Others
Have the courage and confidence to create deeper, more intimate relationships. Reach an Inner Alignment that feels like an absolute trust in your ability to stand for what is right for you – without discounting or negating those with whom you are communicating.

This is achieved through the classes I offer, based on the needs of the community and my clients. The group setting allows us to learn from each other. Classes offered in the past include:

– Relational Boundaries
– Your Inner Authority and how to access it
– The Power of the Pelvis and grounding exercises

Claim Your Belonging
Trust, love, and accept yourself deeply in the certainty of what is true for you. Then you may support the people in your life who are most important to you.

We will work together in private sessions. These will include:

– Table work to accelerate your transformation. I work with your energy field to support the changes you want to make.
– Talk time: support the feelings to sit with what is true for you. Patterns and stories can come up

The Embodied Presence Program requires a deep commitment to the program and to yourself.

It isn’t easy. But it is absolutely worth it.

In these sessions, you receive a unique experience. Some people start with the self. This is the priority because they are so busy taking care of others and their life in the world. Others struggle with their relationships with others. Everyone longs for and learns to claim their right to belong. It is your basic nature and your birthright.

Create Lasting Change for Vibrant Living!

Discover What Matters Most to You

  • Find your unique moral compass
  • Make tough decisions a little more easily
  • Bring more meaning and value to your life
  • Gain confidence that you’re moving in the direction of what’s really important

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