Healing Apologies

Reach greater clarity, establish healthy boundaries, and create richer relationships with Self & others.

Receiving is as equally as important as giving

Is there anything more healing than a good apology? It is like a balm applied to a wound that soothes and relieves the pain of discord between two people.

Is there anything more valuable than offering a sincere, heartfelt apology when you are the one who’s responsible for the tear in the tapestry of a relationship?

What gets in the way of both giving and receiving an apology that not only has the power to heal AND deepen your bond with another person?

Healing Apologies is a class for anyone who’d like to have greater clarity, healthy boundaries, and richer relationships with Self and others. In other words, anyone who wants to be an integrated person.

Healing Apologies

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Healing Apologies
Healing Apologies is based off the ideas presented in the book Why Won’t You Apologize? by Harriet Lerner, PhD. There will be discussion around what constitutes a healing apology versus an insincere apology. We’ll explore:

  • What components make a healing apology
  • How to stay out of defense-mode when receiving criticism or feedback from a hurt party
  • Learning how a chronic non-apologizer ticks
  • Your choices around the issue of forgiveness
Here’s a benefit that may be less obvious that comes from improving relationships by way of learning about apologies: if you become especially defensive while in the hot seat of hearing something difficult from another person (partner, boss, adult child), this class will address why that is and offer tools to navigate those waters more wholeheartedly.

“The apology is the chance you get to establish the ground for future communication. This is an important and often overlooked distinction.”

– Harriet Lerner

Healing Apologies

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