Relational Boundaries

Clear boundaries create safety and respect for yourself and others.

Presence means being open – now – to whatever is

Do you struggle to say no to people without guilt? Do you feel resentful frequently? Does it ever feel like you’re setting yourself on fire to keep other people warm? If so, you might be struggling to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

When people speak of being “thin-skinned” or “too sensitive”, they probably mean that they lack a protective psychological boundary. Fully developing the protective side is a necessary prerequisite for closeness because it allows you to be connected and protected at the same time.

How do we go about tracking these sensations so we are balanced between containment and protection? I believe a basic element is presence. Presence is a fundamental skill needed to define, articulate, and set limits of what is and what is not okay for you. The ability to tune in to your needs internally is necessary to ask for what you want. It is in this way that you can begin to create healthy, relational boundaries in your life.

Relational Boundaries

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Relational Boundaries

The most simplistic definition of a boundary is: what is okay with you and what is not okay. While that may sound easy enough, it is tricky business to tease out what this means much less how to clearly implement and maintain. Boundaries require:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-love
  • Honest communication
  • Saying the hard stuff
  • Aligning with or stepping into your power

In the Relational Boundaries class, there will be monitoring and modifying exercises to help you become familiar with the crucial pathways of sensing your internal world. This allows you to recognize containment and protection as well as reactivity and receptivity. With reactivity, presence is shut off. With receptivity, presence is created. From this place of connecting to yourself, you get to choose. Choice is the place of empowerment.

Additionally, this series has built into it Basic Meditation 101 skills, so if you’ve wanted to learn more about meditation, here is your chance!

Join me for this series I’ve created to support you in your mission to live life with clarity and kindness without being a doormat to those around  you. Here’s what you’ll be introduced to in this class:

  • What a boundary is and when it is needed
  • The benefits of establishing clear boundaries
  • How to monitor and modify feelings and thoughts
  • The intentional pause and saying no

This class is rich in practical material that will enhance your life. I hope you’ll join me. You’ll be glad you did.

Relational Boundaries

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